Our group focuses on the development of terahertz technology and its applications.

We currently have variuos projects that involve specialists in many areas, such as Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Art Conservation, Industry, etc.

Our Masters and PhD students are fully funded by Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONACyT). We have obtained support from Centro de Investigaciones en Optica (CIO) in order to build up our Terahertz Laboratory (TERALab). In addition several grants from CONACyT have allowed us to equip it and build an amplifier based Optical-Pump Terahertz-Probe Time Domain spectrometer. We also have access to numerous "common use" facilities that include an electron microsocopy laboratory, optical, thin film, and mechanical workshops ...

Research highlights

Terahertz imaging for early screening of diabetic foot syndrome: A proof of concept.

G. G. Hernandez-Cardoso, S. C. Rojas-Landeros, M. Alfaro-Gomez, A. I. Hernandez-Serrano, I. Salas-Gutierrez, E. Lemus-Bedolla, A. R. Castillo-Guzman, H. L. Lopez-Lemus and E. Castro-Camus.. Journal of Infrared Millimeter and Terahertz Waves , (In press 2017).

History of Mexican Easel Paintings from an Altarpiece Revealed by Non-invasive Terahertz Time-Domain Imaging.

A. M. Gomez-Sepulveda, A. I. Hernandez-Serrano, R. Radpour, C. L. Koch-Dandolo, S. C. Rojas-Landeros, L. F. Ascencio-Rojas, Alvaro Zarate, Gerardo Hernandez, R. C. Gonzalez-Tirado, M. Insaurralde-Caballero, E. Castro-Camus. Journal of Infrared Millimeter and Terahertz Waves , (in press 2017).


6 February 2017
Our investigation on the use of THz for the diagnosis of Diabetic Foot Syndrome was published by Scientific Reports, follow the story at nature.com! This investigation has attracted considerable attention from the media: AgenciaID, TV4 noticias, La Jornada, EnLinea, Heraldo, RadioFormula, Correo, ZonaFranca, ElSol, NoticiasVespertinas, Kuali, Las Buenas Noticias, funsalud.org.mx, Mexico News, DiabeticFootOnline, Vanguardia, MovilExperto,OnceNoticias, DiarioDYucatan, Andante.

9 January 2017
IRMMW-THz2017 abstract submissions open!

2 December 2016
Sofia had his viva-voce examination and was awarded a PhD degree. Congratulations!

8 August 2016
Goretti had her viva-voce examination and was awarded a Master of Science degree. Congratulations!

1 Agust 2016
Corinna Koch-Dandolo joined the group as an SNF postdoctoral fellow. Welcome!.

17 June 2016
Oscar had his viva-voce examination and was awarded the Maseter of Science degree. Congratulations!

17 June 2016
Physical Review B accepted our article in which we show that lateral currents play in important role in terahertz surface emission from semiconductor surfaces.

06 June 2016
Jorge Regalado (U. Sonora) joined our group in order to do his thesis work with us. Welcome!

06 June 2016
Cecile Skorina (U. Rochester) joined our group as a summer student. Welcome!

01 June 2016
Roxanne Radpour (UCLA) was awarded a UCMEXUS grant in order to perform a summer visit ton our lab. Congratulations!

30 May 2016
Corinna L. Koch Dandolo was awarded a SNF postodcoral fellowship in order to perform an 18 month postodc in our group. Congratulations!

30 March 2016
JOSAB accepted our article in which we demonstrate 3D printed GRIN lenses at terahertz frequencies.

11 January 2016
Our two new TDS systems became operational! We have now excelent imaging, high resolution spectroscopy, and pump-probe capabilities.

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