Our group focuses on the development of terahertz technology and its applications.

We currently have variuos projects that involve specialists in many areas, such as Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Art Conservation, Industry, etc.

Our Masters and PhD students are fully funded by Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONACyT). We have obtained support from Centro de Investigaciones en Optica (CIO) in order to build up our Terahertz Laboratory (TERALab). In addition several grants from CONACyT have allowed us to equip it and build an amplifier based Optical-Pump Terahertz-Probe Time Domain spectrometer. We also have access to numerous "common use" facilities that include an electron microsocopy laboratory, optical, thin film, and mechanical workshops ...

Research highlights

Three-dimensional water mapping of succulent Agave victoriae-reginae leaves by terahertz imaging.

A. K. Singh, A. V. Pérez-López, J. Simpson and E. Castro-Camus.
Scientific Reports 10, 1404 (2020).

Empirical comparison between effective medium theory models for the dielectric response of biological tissue at terahertz frequencies

G. G. Hernandez-Cardoso, A. K.Singh, E. Castro-Camus
Applied Optics 59, D6-D11 (2020).


28 March 2018
Our paper on diabetic foot THz-image processing and statistical analysis was published in J. Inf. Mil. and THz waves.

14 March 2018
Arturo had his PhD Viva-Voce examination today and received the degree of Doctor of Science (optics). Congratulations!

5 February 2018
Our paper on Artificial dielectric stepped-refractive-index lens for the terahertz region. was publisehd in Optics Express.

1 December 2017
Our paper on Impact of the Metal Adhesion on the Power Emitted by Photoconductive Sources. was publisehd in J. Inf, Mill and THz Waves.

30 October 2017
Our paper on Terahertz scattering and water absorption for porosimetry.
was published in Optics Express

11 October 2017
Jorge passed his viva-voce examination today and was awarded his masters degree, Congratulations!

1 October 2017
Our paper on Inspection of artistic painting on metal was published on J. Inf, Mill and THz Waves.

9 September 2017
The IRMMW-THz society announces that the 2018 Young Scientis Award goes to Enrique Castro Camus "For innovative and outstanding contributions to THz diagnostics in multidisciplinary fields." This is a recognition not only to Enrique, but to the entire group and many of his past and present collaborators, Congratulations!

01 September 2017
The 42 IRMMW-THz 2017 meeting is over, thank you for coming! see you in Nagoya next year.

28 August 2017
The 42 IRMMW-THz 2017 meeting starts in Cancun, Mexico.

24 August 2017
The government of the state of Zacatecas awarded the "Premio Estatal de la Juventud" to Goretti Hernandez. Congratulations!

1 August 2017
Our paper on the design of a3D printed Q-plate to generate terahertz cylindrical vector beams. was published in J. Inf, Mill and THz Waves.

1 July 2017
Our paper Roadmap on optical sensors. was published by Journal of Optics.

1 May 2017
Our paper on Quasi-wollaston-prism for THz was published in J. Inf, Mill and THz Waves.

1 April 2017
Our paper on Inspection of Easel Paintings was published in J. Inf Mill and THz Waves. This investigation has attracted considerable attention from the media: Science daily, phys.org, Alef, DICYT, AM, diario Avanzada, A.ID, TerahertzTechnology, MIRIAN, IndianMonitor, Gaiabit.com.

1 April 2017
Our paper on Inspection of material detachments from polychromatically glazed terracotta artwork was published in J. Inf, Mill and THz Waves.

6 February 2017
Our investigation on the use of THz for the diagnosis of Diabetic Foot Syndrome was published by Scientific Reports, follow the story at nature.com! This investigation has attracted considerable attention from the media: AgenciaID, TV4 noticias, AntenaRadio, La Jornada, EnLinea, Heraldo, RadioFormula, Correo, ZonaFranca, ElSol, NoticiasVespertinas, Kuali, Las Buenas Noticias, funsalud.org.mx, Mexico News, DiabeticFootOnline, Vanguardia, MovilExperto,OnceNoticias, DiarioDYucatan, Andante, Univadis, Saludiario, MovilExperto, Ingenieria BUAP, LasBuenasNoticias, Galenox.

9 January 2017
IRMMW-THz2017 abstract submissions open!

4 January 2017
The 2017 Terahertz Science and Technology Roadmap was published in Journal of Physics D.

1 January 2017
Our paper on The role of bandgap energy excess on THz surface emission was published in Applied Physics Letters.

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