List of THz-TDS groups around the world
(Formerly Dan's list of THz-TDS groups. From now on I will try to continue with Dan Mittleman's titanic effort to maintain an up-to-date directory of the groups doing THz-TDS around the world. I am working on updating a world map with the group locations, but this is going to take a while, please be patient and if you can help with your lat,long coordinates please do!)

Here is a list of other groups involved in THz-TDS. Some are directly involved in advanced instrument development and characterization, while others are using it strictly as a source for far-infrared spectroscopy. This is a partial list, in no particular order. PLEASE help keep this list accurate and up-to-date! Click for instructions to report errors, omissions, or changes that should be made. If you are not listed here, it isn't because I don't like you. It's because nobody has bothered to point out to me the omission.

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THz-TDS groups of the world

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