We are offering a number of projects in the area of terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and its applications.

Proposals of interdisciplinary projects in all areas of knowledge are most welcome. So far we have worked in physics, materials science, biology, biochemistry, art conservation and medicine.

Some areas we would like to target in the near future are:

- Carrier dynamics in nanostructures semiconductors.
- Applications of THz radiation in health care.
- Anisotropic properties of matter in the THz band.
- Non-linear properties of surfaces and interfaces.
- Non destructive testing of cultural heritage.
- Industrial applications of THz.
- Terahertz as a tool in the life sciences.
- Development of THz sources, detectors and spectroscopy systems.

If you are interested in any of these projects or if you have an interesting idea you want to try, please do not hesitate to contact us.


A postdoctoral position in the area of THz spectroscopy is avaliable. A strong background on semiconductor physics, biophysics, TDS or ultrafast optics is desirable but not required. Please send an extended CV (in pdf), and names of tree potential reviewers that can supply letters of reference. Given the conditions of CONACyT´s funding further detail on the application procedure will be forwarded to you depending on your nationality.

Master and PhD positions
We have a number of projects in the area of THz spectroscopy for masters and PhD students. All of our graduates students will be funded for a period of 4 years once admitted. Click here for further details on the admission process.

Although we do not have an undergraduate program at our institution we have the possibility of organizing short term visits and to host students in order to perform the investigation for their thesis. Please contact us for furhter details.

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